Passionate and driven.

Strategic and conceptual.

Telling the stories amongst brands, publications, and people.

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy


Hayley Robb

I majored in Journalism at Western Kentucky University. After floating more toward public relations as my college career continued, I was chosen as the creative director of Cherry Creative, a specialty content agency for WKU Student Publications.

I have held multiple positions in college. I balanced working as a graphic designer and marketer at the Preston Health and Activities Center with personal creative work, such as wedding photography and freelance social media marketing, which started a partnership with Matrix Fitness sales representative Rebecca Peoples.

I have had experience in news writing, feature writing, video production, photography, graphic design and marketing. And my creative approach — no matter the medium — is to find passion behind the idea I’ve been assigned or am interested in.

My passion is typically found within a field I am most comfortable, which is health and fitness. I am a certified personal trainer and have pursued multiple projects sharing the stories of people who are making a difference in health care, exercise science and recreation.

I am now exploring the future of journalism in marketing and finding ways to build relationships instead of just selling a product. My job is to highlight the people behind the brands, publications and the businesses I work with. For me, storytelling is a universal connection in this world.

And my passion stems from people.





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